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Lars has sent out confirmations to almost all! Just few people left. Everyone else have gotten a respons from Lars with confirmation of their payment, many have gotten into the spamfolder however it seems. There has also been those who have missed the contract and googleform emails in their spamfolders. Lars has replied to each and every email he has gotten. Just that they end up in the spam many times.. If you are one who is wondering where his respons from Lars is, check the spam then if not anything there email Lars to request whats missing. If no payment confirmation – Email lars with your payment to priostartup reciept. Please give new payments a few days to be confirmed naturally

Dear all

Lars here. During the weekend me and my team did planning for the upcoming legal actions that will take place in the end of this month, August.
We have now decided that we close for new Clients to join on the 31:st of August. After that date we will not sign up any new Clients for the planned legal actions.
The legal strategy is now fully designed and it is going to be something news magazines will write about all over the world. We have already done the Press Releases to send out to all news desks.
Me and my team have informed our Clients of the strategy and target – and all are very exited about the outcome and benefit. If you want to join, please write to:

Juicyfields Scam Podcast Ep 3

In this Episode Nina interviews me, Daniel! My short story as an investor who got scammed.

Lars Olofsson Presentation

I would like to present myself.
I´m 65 years old and have worked as a Lawyer and a Businessman for 30+ years. I´m running an Investment and Business Development company called Prio Startup. We invest and help startup companies and have about 10 companies in our portfolio at the moment.
The combination of working as a Lawyer and Investor/Businessman gives me a unique knowledge and experience in cases like Juicy Fields as you need to know not just the legal side of things, but also the business side, especially conditions and how to start a new business. In my investment business we have been investing and supporting Hemp and Cannabis farming, harvesting and production for almost 10 years, and know the industry inside out. We have our own production of CBD-oil for example.
When I looked at JF for the fist time I could tell that is was a scam from day one, not just because it follows a number of arrangements in other scams we have been working on, but also that the Cannabis industry just doesn´work that way. Nothing made any sence, and there was absolutely no business logic to it.

Good Day All!

“Today I have a presentation live for my Clients on the first batch of legal actions. I’m syncronizing the actions with press releases and several reporters are standing by doing articles about the actions that is going to be quite a surprice both who I’m targeting and the money I’m claiming.
As soon as I file the lawsuites the window is closed for joining my Class Action as I need to tell how many I represent and how much they have lost not just in money but mental suffering in the JF scam. I will not be able to add any victims after its been filed.
If you want to join the Class Action, its time to do so now, in a week or two, its going to be to late.
Write your name and adress on:
to join, and I inform about what I do and my terms. ” Lars Olofsson

Dear All,

I’m Lars Olofsson and is the Swedish Lawyer who are organizing a Class Action in the Juicy Fields scam.
Me and my team have investigated international scams and helped victims of scams for the last 15 years – and retrieved millions of Euros.
I’m a businessman who also runs an Investment and Business Development company called Prio Startup. I work both as a Lawyer and Businessman – and you need to in these cases because you need to know both the legal aspects and the business side to be successful for your client. Getting victims money back is to do business deals with a legal force behind you. I work unconventional and doing so I’m questioned quite often. I get beaten badly sometimes – but I don’t care, and my Clients who gets their money back does’t care what methods I’m using, as long as I don’t break the law – and I don’t.
Reporters ask me when they do interviews why individuals who should have known better should be helped.
My answer is that these scammers are so clever and experienced so they can scam anybody – and on top of that almost all who have been co-operating with JF have given them the green light, and facilitate. No wonder even the most intelligent person are scammed.
I have now collected so much hard facts/evidence that in the first legal actions, in my Class Action everyone can join, that is set in motion in the end of this month will be extreamly difficult to argue against, even if I will have an Army of corporate lawyers against me. I’m used to stand up against the biggest organizations and the establishment all the time – no one else does it, and dare.

Juicyfields Features Us

Here today JF has linked our website as you might know if you are here reading this. They however did not to their research. We are not going after the JF companies for refunds. We are going after whom opend the door for JF to even happen in the first place. We have had no communications with whoever linked our website.

Kind regards
Daniel Johansson

Summary of Lars’s Live Transmisson Regarding Juicyfields Scam

Summary of the live 16:00 CEST 2022-08-07 by Lars Olofsson.
Written mostly by Sue Dently and a little by Daniel Johansson

Police reports

A Number of people all over Europe are telling us that when making a police report they more or less always say this is not a criminal offence and that they are looking at it as a civil case between you and JF This is not true. The problem is that these types of scams are so difficult to investigate. Often cross borders and makes it into a nightmare. 5 times more red tape than normal investigations and huge costs. This is why they say they “cant” do it. Its an exuse but they also dont have the resources. Seen it 100s of times. Also another strong reason is that from a legal standpoint which any prosecutor has to look at it, is that its more or less impossible to prove criminal intent from the beginning – beyond resonable doubt. So the criminal could always say they had legitimate reason, that they are happy amateurs.. only 1 of 10 start ups make it so they project themselves as naive. We need to have some kind of reaity check. Even if you got as far as someone being brought to justice and put behind bars, the money is gone anyway. from an investors point of view often the most important thing is to get some money back from whatever source. Therefore, need to find a different strategy than going after the criminals.

Legal strategy

I try to be as transparent as possible. I dont want to go public about all my strategies. So i try to answer as many as questions as possible. I need to keep my cards close to my chest. Im happy to answer most questions but there will be things i cant answer. That is the nature of the situation. When it comes to the strategy, these perpetrators have gone with the money. As sophisticated as the criminals have been in building and planning the scam, they are equally sophisticated when hiding the money. The people who are the front men are NEVER the people who are behind the scam. People want to be anonymous in this kind of case due to their relationship with their banks or maybe like some even being employed by the bank. I have made arrangment to make people anonymous. Your ID is only for my eyes Never for anyone else. The list of my clients will be certified by the public notary in Sweden and then made anonymous No names will ever be revealed. My paralegals might know some names but they will never have your ID documents. I have a list of about 60 banks that are involved. There are some standing out as being more so than others.
Im also asked alot about the scam when it comes to reporters. I am in communication everyday with reporters They are asking why all these people have been scammed, its so obvious. Dont these people have their own responsability? I have met and i have been representing 100s of people who are smart, intelligent, educated and experienced who have all been scammed. These criminals are so sophisticated in the scam, so anybody can fall for it THere shouldnt be any guilt or feeling stupid for having fallen for it. I always repeat to the reporters: All of you have used your banks and other individuals who have faciliatated this scam. You have trusted these people to have done their due diligence to protect you. Everybody has given the green light to transfer money to JF. There has been nobody flagging up that this is a suspicious/criminal activity. Some banks have said that they need to make a check on JF before allowing the payments and then the bank has given the green light tor ahve said that if you want to, they can send the money. This is a proof of concept for the professionals doing the transfers. You have been scammed because the system let you down. Those who should have had some kind of due diligence and checks have given JF the green light. I have looked at 1000s of transactions to and from JF. According to my knowledge, the system shoudlnt have let more than 1-2% of these transcations go through. 98% of the transcations should have been stopped. That is the normal situation.I could see that at least 95% of the transcations have gone through and been allowed by the banking systems. This is the difference between what should have happend and what did happen. I need to investigate further why this happend, From my point of view, the system failed. Wether it was a technical failure, or deliberate, i dont know yet. I have my ideas, but i need more inforamtion. its very interesting statsistics.

Within a couple of weeks, we have listed a number of facilitators for JF. This kind of scam depends on many facilitators/organisations, large and small. I am targeting all these companies/faciliatators who should have stopepd this, not just the banks. Within a couple of weeks, we will be starting the first legal procedures. I cant say right now any further about this, but it will be a suprise. If any more want to sign up into the claimants group, i can still take them. This gives me more power for when i start the legal proceedings.

Im working more or less 24/7 to try to catch up and help everybody who is a victim in this case. I have clients all over the world, the largest number are in Europe. You can put any questions to me via telegram or email. I will try to do as many digital meetings as possible and help and support you in any way. I am collecting all the questions i am receiving and i will address the most frequent of them in these meetings.

2. Why Is Juicyfields A Scam

Hello, I am the lawyer who is working with the Juicyfields case and I’m now representing a number of victims in the Juicyfields scam
and I would like to tell you a little bit about why I think this is a scam and it has been a scam from day one.
I’ve been working for the last 15 years with a number of scams all over Europe. Large investment scams.

The frauds they follow a certain pattern when it comes to an end design, when it comes to how they are designed,
how they are organized and how they are executed. And I would like to start with saying that according to my knowledge and my experience,
this has been a scam from day one. It doesn’t make any kind of business sense and let me give you some of my reasons.

There are people saying that if if an investment opportunity, if it’s too good to be true, it isn’t true, and that yes, I could absolutely agree with this,
but I have some other reasons because I’m also running an investment and a business developing company and people are coming to us and pitch their ideas all the time.
We’re looking at hundreds different kind of business concepts every year in my business.

Development and investments business. And if somebody has a business concept that gives you a very good return of investment without any kind of risk or very very low risk,
there isn’t any kind of business sense that that person should share that business opportunity with someone else. If we are looking at the
Juicyfield case. For instance, they could easily have found us those who are designed their business case.
They could easily go to any kind of venture capital company or hedge fund and present and pitch their ideas
and they could easily have something like €100 million of €300 million or even €500 million because these large

Venture capital companies and hedge funds. They had billions and billions so a couple of €100 million.
That’s coffee money for those companies they could easily have pitched their idea, and then they could have all the profits for themselves,
so it doesn’t make any kind of business sense to share that business opportunity. The other reason is that if you have a business opportunity.

You are now growing and farming and producing cannabis and selling it to the pharmaceutical business.
They could easily have done this by themselves and these are very very large companies with a lot of money.
Billions and billions of U.S. dollars or euros and they could have run the business by themselves. There isn’t any kind of business sense that they should pay money.

Follow up for to Juicyfield to be a broker between the farmer and the pharmaceutical companies.
So the whole concept doesn’t make any kind of business sense and in all business it doesn’t.
It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running, There is always a try to try to cut the middle man.

Between the producer and the and the buyer, so there isn’t any space or any opportunity for someone who is a broker or someone who is a middleman.
So those are the reasons why I’m saying that Juciyfield has been a scam from day one,
but it’s also some other things that I could say if if I’m looking at the business concept and how it’s described.
For me that is an operation that has to have at least 250 people, maybe even 300 people if it’s going to be run as it is described on the website,
 and the different kind of presentations. And I’m just asking where are all these 200 and 300 people? Well, they doesn’t exist,
 and that’s one of the reasons why I’m saying that Juciyfield has been a scam since day one