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Press release in the juicyfields case by lars olofsson 2023-02-06

Information about the Police Investigation and Prosecutorial Decision in Juicy Fields Case



In Sweden, the public prosecutor has the right and priority to prosecute. It is also a prosecutor who decides whether to open an official police investigation. The division of labour between the police and the prosecutor is that the police investigate, and the prosecutor instructs about what should be investigated and when the prosecutor is satisfied with the result of the investigation, he decides whether to bring charges or close the investigation.

About 20 years ago, the legislature opened the possibility of allowing prosecutors to delegate decisions to the police to begin an official police investigation themselves, and then be in regular contact with the prosecutor to inform how the investigation is going and receive instructions from the prosecutor.

In the case of Juicy Fields, one of my clients has filed a police report a week or so after Juicy Fields shut down its internet platform. This client had by then lost just over 30,000 Euro. The police decided to launch an official investigation because of the large amount.

Throughout the fall and into mid-January of this year, the police have tried to investigate, but concluded that they were unable to obtain enough information about the criminals behind Juicy Fields and that the systems and international cooperation the police have could not be used. Therefore, the police decided to close the investigation.

I was in contact with the prosecutor to give me a certificate that he had no intention of bringing an indictment, as I need one to prosecute as a legal representative because I had much better information than the police, and also that I directed responsibility at those who had helped the criminals behind Juicy Fields.

When the prosecutor had taken note of my legal strategy, and all the material and information I had, the chief prosecutor in Stockholm made the unique decision to reopen the closed police investigation with a new instruction for the police to also investigate those who could have helped the criminals, and that the prosecutor himself leads the investigation and does not delegate management responsibility to the police. This means that the companies and people I have identified as accomplices are now the subject of a prosecutor-led police investigation, and as I have unique investigative and information material, the police have now contacted me and are interested in what I have collected and know.

I will not cooperate with the police as a lot of the material and information I have is confidential between me and my clients, but I can give the police tips on what to look for and who they should investigate, and of course point out those I have identified as accomplices – including Meta Platforms Inc. and Mark Zuckerberg who is now the subject of the police’s official investigation.

Juicyfields fraud and crypto connections published today 2022-12-13

“According to Olofsson, there is another, final reason for encouraging investors in such scams to use cryptocurrency. Investors who use crypto are far less likely to report that they have been a victim of crime to the police. The scammers know this, which is part of their strategy in getting away with the crime. It also makes any investigation by the authorities that much more difficult. This too is part of the risk analysis of the criminals. In short, crimes involving the theft of crypto like this are more or less considered “risk-free” by the perps.””

SVD today regarding fraud in the tech world. Lars Olofsson and the juicyfieldscase is mentioned for the META lawsuit

“Swedish sues Zuck. Is a published advertisement enough to be considered aiding and abetting fraud? That’s the question lawyer Lars Olofsson wants to answer by suing Mark Zuckerberg, Metas CEO, in Luleå District Court. The company Juicy fields used Facebook to attract customers, but turned out to be a scam. Now those who lost their money want redress.”

Very good article in portogeise about the juicyfields case with Lars olofsson

“Last week I filed a Prosecution against Mr. Mark Zuckerberg at Luleå District Court in the North of Sweden. The reason for this court is that it is in this jurisdiction Facebook/Instagram has its Global Main Server Facility serving more than one billion Facebook users.
   Since then I have received thousands of comments and cheerings saying that this was finally done by someone. At the same time many has also send, and post questions, both why Zuckerberg personally, and if you can Prosecute such a man all together.
   My answer is this: Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of the company Meta Platforms Inc that is the parent of Facebook and Instagram. A CEO is legally responsible for the daily operation of the company he/she is set to operate as Chief Operator. Of course a person in such a position in such a large company can not supervise in detail what is going on on all parts of the organization – but he/she is legally responsible for implementing arrangements to see to that the company follows the laws in all countries they operate. He/she is also responsible for have a system in place that evaluate constantly if the company could be involved in any illegal activity and he/she is responsible against the shareholders and also the stock exchange for following the NASDAQ so called Corporate Governance.
The US President Harry S Truman had a sign on his desk in the oval offices saying; “The buck ends here” – meaning, he was responsible for all that happened in the US Administration down to the smallest detail. He couldn’t do everything, but he was responsible for making sure all was correct, and had to take the consequences for it.

Can you Prosecute such a person as Mr. Zuckerberg? Of course you can. He is just a guy like the rest of us. He doesn’t stand above the law. One might even argue that he has a greater responsibility for following the law in that position and being a public figure.
   Mr. Zuckerberg has to come to Sweden and defend himself – and if he doesn’t I think people will see him as a man that doesn’t stand up for himself and try to avoid responsibility for his actions.”

Lars Olofssons