The prosecution of Mark Zuckerberg has now reached the Supreme Court in Sweden 

CEO of META Platforms Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, is charged in Sweden with aiding and abetting aggravated fraud. If convicted, Zuckerberg could face up to 8 years in prison.  

META has its largest server facility in northern Sweden, where more than 1.3 billion Facebook users are connected. Attorney at Law Lars J. Olofsson represents about 1,500 crime victims, from 58 countries, in one of modern times’ largest investment frauds, Juicy Fields, where about 125,000 people worldwide have lost more than 3 billion Euros. Most of the marketing of the scam has taken place on Facebook and Instagram with paid ads that META has accepted — and not removed.  

META has been made aware that its platforms are being used by criminals, and this use is widespread. Zuckerberg has repeatedly stated publicly for several years that META are working on preventing criminals using the platforms. Despite many promises fraudulent ads have increased, and according to the Q2 report, META has increased its ad revenue by 11% and its profit by 16%. META has never sold so many ads before, and never made such a big profit as now, and Zuckerberg is the operational responsible för META, and its main shareholder. 

The case against Zuckerberg has been moving at a high speed from the District Court via the Court of Appeal in Sweden since the lawsuit was filed in January and now the case has come to the Supreme Court. The case has gone from the initial registration, and administration, to the person in charge who prepares the case to be presented to the Supreme Court judges. This case officer is Christoffer Stanek – +46(0)8-561 667 05 / – and it is both a criminal case, case number B4211-23, and a civil case, case number Ö4210-23 where the victims claim damages.  

The Supreme Court will first decide whether there is a need for new precedent as the issue of aiding and abetting aggravated fraud has not previously been ruled, and after deciding on the need for new precedent, the Court will set a date for trial – which will then take place before the end of the year.  

Around Europe, police authorities are investigating the Juicy Fields fraud, and it is now clear that behind it lies the Russian mafia, and that it can also be established that even more extensive money laundering and terror financing are linked to the organization behind the fraud. 

Lars J. Olofsson, Esq 

Attorney at Law