Jim Belushi: Juicy Fields Celebrity Influencer and Facilitator Remains Unprosecuted

Juicyfields promotion of ICBC and Jim Belushi

Juicyfields promotion of ICBC and Jim Belushi

Despite the international busts in the middle of April, many of the scam’s facilitators remain untouched, including celebrity Jim Belushi. It is overdue that they are prosecuted.

Jim Belushi is a well-known figure in the cannabis industry and beyond. He is a celebrity actor and well known in the American cannabis industry. However, his first entre into the European biz, via the Juicy Fields sponsored ICBC cannabis business conference, and allowing the scam to use his image, puts him in the paid facilitator category.

It is overdue that he too, is put on the prosecution’s list as authorities begin to round up and charge those who ran and facilitated the Juicy Fields fraud.

Why It Is Important To Hold Celebrity Influencers Accountable

It is a new day when it comes to the intersection of investments, celebrities and online promotion. Namely, it is an increasing liability for celebrities that their images are used without their consent in online promotions. However, in the Juicy Fields situation, Belushi clearly knew that his image was being used by not only the ICBC but Juicy Fields directly, and he was compensated to appear at the ICBC conference while they were the main sponsor. Beyond this, Juicy Fields actually used his image separately from the ICBC to promote themselves.

Jim Belushi with Zvezda Lauric(arrested in Germany, april 2024)

This means, in effect, Belushi was compensated to promote the scam.

Internal Dissent

Last year, right before the ICBC conference in Berlin in the summer of 2023, our litigation team got in touch with Belushi’s manager, who initially did not agree with how the ICBC was using Belushi’s image. We explained that Juicy Fields had been the top sponsor of the ICBC since August 2021, and that it was a scam. However, that was the last we heard from anyone.

We believe that Belushi is partly responsible for promoting the image of respectability that the scam perpetuated on social media and via cannabis conferences, including the ICBC.

Where Is Belushi’s Voice?

We believe that given Belushi’s prominence – as a celebrity actor, as an American senatorial candidate, as an entrepreneur in the global cannabis industry, and as a now regular attendee of the ICBC and other European cannabis events, he should, at minimum, apologize for his role in promoting the scam.

Otherwise, he is responsible for being a celebrity promoter of a fraud, and thus legally liable for losses suffered by scammed investors.

Juicy Fields Sought Out Political Connections

The connection that Juicy Fields made with Belushi was not coincidental. In fact, there are many instances of Juicy Fields attempting to buy influence with not only celebrities, but politicians. One such zoom call, which was recorded, occurred between Francesca Grecco. Daniel Gauci, and a gentleman in Latin America with political and media connections.

It is precisely for this reason that Belushi needs to come forward, apologize and set the record straight. He should also certainly reconsider his association with the ICBC. The litigation team has email proof that Alex Rogers, CEO of the ICBC, was informed that Juicy Fields was a scam as of August 2021, or about seven months before Belushi first appeared at the Barcelona ICBC in March 2022 – about four months before the exit scam.

Naked Media promotion of ICBC with Jim Belushi one year after Juicyfields exit

Naked Media Group did the marketing for Juicyfields, Fanny Skoglund, their founder got arrested at Arlanda airport 17th of april 2024 for her part in the fraud. Above picture shows that Jim Belushi and ICBC keep working with Naked Media Group even after the fact that Juicyfields was exposed.