This is an open letter to the ICBC Speakers and Conference Attendees

Dear ICBC Berlin 2023 Sponsors, speakers and attendees:

We are writing to you again with the hope that you will take this entire Juicy Fields/Juicy Fields Dao issue seriously. Further, we are going public, as well as taking the appropriate legal action given what occurred last week in Berlin.

As you may have heard, Lars Olofsson was assaulted (or “Facecaked”) as he sat in the lobby of the Estrel Hotel during the first day of the ICBC conference speaking to a journalist. Alex Rogers and team had previously refunded his tickets and refused him entry to the actual conference itself. We also know this was premeditated and planned as the scammers had a faked video of the same up as soon as it happened, distributed on social media.

Lars has also been given the runaround at other conferences, including one in Portugal linked both to Alex and Peter Homberg.

If you did not hear the rumours and gossip during the conference, here is what happened. Just as the Juicy Fields DAO branded Lamborghini showed up outside the conference this year at approximately 11:30 on the first day of the B2B conference, one of the people associated with the still ongoing scam, came up from behind and smashed a cake into Lars’ face. We had a little help from bystanders, who also picked up the assailant’s phone that he dropped as he ran away. That is now with the police. The police also asked the Juicy Fields DAO car driver to leave the premises. We have pictures of the license plates of the car itself, which is also with the Berlin police.

After Lars went inside to wash himself off, another gentleman, with a thick German accent, approached Daniel Johansson, the lead plaintiff in our cases, standing outside the hotel by himself and threatened him directly. Namely, he cornered Daniel and told him to take down the information on the Juicy Fields litigation website because “one of my friends is on it.” He disappeared as soon as Lars came back.

Several hours later, after being watched and followed at the conference, Daniel was attacked from behind and hit by a single assailant as he walked back to his hotel. He has a black eye and was very lucky that it wasn’t worse. This is now the third direct assault on members of the team. “Anders” the Russian whistleblower working with us, also reported that thugs showed up at his house after we posted the blog about the evolution and stages of the scam. Anders was able to disarm them and call the police. However, this is why we know that the Berlin incidents are not “casual” or “coincidental.”

Both assaults have been filed with the Berlin police, along with the added details of legal action now underway in Frankfurt against Peter Homberg at Dentons law firm. The hotel has CCTV camera footage of the incident at the hotel, and we may be able to find footage of Daniel’s attack.

On the lawsuit in Frankfurt, despite Homberg’s best efforts to also get us take down the information on our litigation website and harass our team, our server where the website is hosted is beyond the jurisdiction of any German court. We are also confident that we will prevail in any domestic legal action in Germany given the evidence we have, as our Meta case makes its way through the system in Sweden and other cases are now launched against other facilitators.

We also believe it is pertinent to tell you that the main sponsor of the conference this year, the Talman Group, is a fake sponsor. It is a new company, registered in Slovenia by Alex Rogers and his wife in the weeks before the conference. We have also now tracked this company to a building in Ljubljana, we believe at this juncture, to have a link to Lithuania, which is where we know the Juicy Fields Dao team has been laundering money from the ongoing scam. Even before this, Lars has been in conversations with the Lithuanian authorities about the ongoing money laundering issues connected to Juicy Fields and Juicy Fields DAO and Europol is now getting involved, because of the direct link to terror financing that we believe has taken place.

By co-sponsoring the conference this year (after two years of Juicy Fields’ direct sponsorship in 2021 and 2022), you are directly implicit in this now as well.

Is this what you signed up to co-sponsor? Assaults and stalking plus fraud? We also heard reports of laced cookies, which is the second year in a row (in both Barcelona and Berlin) that people have reported either spiked drinks or edibles. Alex Rogers knows of these previous incidents and has so far managed to cover them up. We have witnesses who are willing to testify about the same.

We are also happy to answer any questions you might have, but we urge you to follow our investigation on, and at least keep an open mind.

We are unafraid of speaking the truth, have a great deal of evidence, and are in the process of litigating our claims as private prosecutions against all the facilitators of this fraud as we give the actual scammers’ information to the police, who we are ahead of in every EU country where investigations are underway.

We hope you reconsider any further association with the ICBC conference if not Alex Rogers, Lisa Haag, Kai Friedrich Niermann and Peter Homberg. None of them could have NOT known that the top sponsor of the conference this year was fake.

All the best

Lars Olofsson and team