Case Info

Case Information

Information is extremely important when we work with the cases we take on. My name is Lars Olofsson and I am a trained lawyer with a master degree in law from the university of Lund in Sweden and have worked with business law and special investigations for 30+ years. I have a paralegal named Nina Jansdotter who assists me and we bring in additional people when we need help with administration in the cases we take on.

In addition to working as legal representatives, we also run an investment and business development business where we invest and business develop startup companies and we have companies in several countries. We are very active in nutrition and health as well as alternative medicine. For several years, we have worked with legal framework within hemp and medical marijuana with projects in Macedonia, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland, as well as invested in our own production facilities for these products – most recently in a factory in Sweden.

For about 10 years, we have specialized in fraud in investments and various scams where we investigated, pursued processes, but above all negotiated with companies and banks about compensation for those who have been affected. We can’t help everyone and select those we think we can help and can work with us to achieve results. Therefore, we ask for data as a basis for assessment if we want to accept an assignment and immediately conclude with those who do not interact with us, thus ruining for those who want help.

A few months ago, Nina published her 17th book about Love scams, which is part of this scamming market and which has received a lot of attention after the film about the Tinder Swindler that has gone viral.

I have deliberately not joined the Swedish Bar Association in order to be able to work completely freely and with methods that their rules do not allow. One such is to charge for our services by taking a percentage of the damages we negotiate.

When working with criminals at the level we come into contact with – major international crime syndicates – you often have to resort to working methods – of course perfectly legal – that a lawyer is not allowed to do. One must partially lower oneself to the moral level they are at in order to negotiate a solution. Our overall goal is to deliver results for our clients. It also means that we take on relatively large risks when we go up against large financial interests and serious criminal individuals and organizations. It is part of our everyday life to receive serious death threats – and this risk and threat is also included in the compensation we take for our assignments.

In recent years, we have investigated and negotiated several scams that have been related to the Covid pandemic and all frauds in the supply of protective equipment for the healthcare sector.

All the experiences we have gathered to both represent many deceived people and negotiate with those we demand compensation from have given us important insights. These are the following:

  1. People find it difficult to accept and realize that they have been deceived, and often project their frustration onto those of us who are trying to help them and either take their anger out on us when we come up with evidence, or simply don’t believe us even though we present complete evidence. Our experience is that we cannot help those who do not want to be helped.
  2. Interacting with us and helping instead of giving us unnecessary extra work is crucial to whether we will succeed. We have a very big job to get a result and if we are forced to spend too much time on unnecessary things and that we are not helped with the tasks we need, our work becomes completely impossible. That we represent someone is an exclusive service that we do not give to everyone who wants help.
  3. We have lots of projects to work on and individuals and companies come all the time and ask for our help. We can say no – and do so regularly – and we will never try to sell ourselves and try to convince those who don’t listen and embrace what we say.
  4. In the groups we have had missions for, there are often individuals who either have a hidden agenda and actually represent those who deceived them and scout to get information and infiltrate the group. We also see individuals who just want to get attention and argue about everything. We cannot include these individuals, and remove them immediately as they destroy for everyone else.
  5. There are no guarantees in anything in life. We can never guarantee a result that everyone is happy with. Anyone who goes out and promises guaranteed results is himself a scammer. What we promise is to be completely open about how we work, what opportunities there are to achieve results and what is required of both us and those we help. In principle, there is no one else to help, or that it will cost an awful lot more than what we take – without leaving any guarantees whatsoever.

When we work with representing groups, we use a working method and organization that many lawyers work with when litigation against large pharmaceutical companies and clients who have suffered harm from medicines.

You do a group action where you form a consortium just for that particular case. There is a common agreement that applies to everyone, and everyone receives the same terms and conditions and shares jointly and severally the remuneration negotiated. It is completely impossible to negotiate individual terms and no counter party is interested in participating in such a process.

For us, there is no doubt whatsoever that JuicyFields is from the beginning a scam and fraud. Everything follows the pattern that similar businesses follow and we know the approach very well. In addition, with the great knowledge we have about growing and manufacturing in hemp, it is a completely impossible equation that JuicyFields has presented.

We have investigated and been involved in a similar arrangement called Exterglobal and operate from Switzerland with the same focus on the cultivation of medical hemp, etc. Since we have been working with hemp and cbd oil for many years, we know the industry and most operators well and what opportunities there are. This is a valuable experience and knowledge when working on a case like JuicyFields.

Our experience is that it is almost impossible to try to get back the money paid in from those to whom you have paid. These criminal organizations are very phone caseour websiteher latest blog sophisticated and experienced and have systems and arrangements in place to completely hide the money and cover up the traces behind them. As sophisticated as they are to deceive, just as sophisticated are they in disappearing with the money.

The strategy we have used in these cases is to go for the banks that transferred the money. We are specialists in financial regulations and have well-developed contacts with the authorities that supervise the banking systems. Our strategy is to look at whether the banks have followed the rules they have to follow – and if we find any errors, and we usually do, then we will report it to the respective bank management. If we report the errors to the financial authorities, the banks will be properly fined, and fines will be imposed for even small errors, of many millions of Euros. Here we work out a negotiating position that we then use to claim compensation for our clients. This is a strategy that we have had success with.

Below are a number of Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Can we help individuals in all countries – YES, there is no obstacle for anyone regardless of nationality or where one lives. The strategy we have formed works entirely internationally.
  2. Can someone work in parallel with a legal process or police investigation – YES, there are no legal obstacles, but it can complicate our negotiating position as the other party wants everything regulated at one point, and then it makes it more difficult for the same client to have several processes. I recommend that we be allowed to carry out our work, and any legal proceedings may be put to rest until we are finished.
  3. Can I give some references about who we worked for and what result we have achieved – Basically No. On one hand, all clients of all lawyers are confidential. No client wants their names to be disclosed. All agreements with the counter parties are 100% confidential with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. No counter party signs an agreement that is made public. We can generally tell you about our experiences, and then everyone can assess whether they think our proposal is acceptable.
  4. How do we charge – We usually charge a fixed amount as well as a percentage of what we manage to negotiate. That’s the model you’re working on in the United States. In the proposal we put forward within a few days, all this will be described very clearly.
  5. How long can we expect our work to take – We work very quickly, and how long it takes depends on how well our clients interact with us in terms of providing us with information and the data we need. We have a lot of experience from the beginning and know how to argue which saves a lot of time. In cases where we have worked with in the past, it has taken from 2 weeks to 4 months.
  1. Do we also need detailed information about the respective banks addresses etc –No, we look at the SWIFT/IBAN numbers which bank it is, and we have the information for the respective banks’ headquarters and who it is we should turn to. Those we will contact are not the local bank branch, but the head office of the bank and their compliance department.
  2. Will you cooperate with any authority in this case – YES, that possibility exists. It is not a goal and if it delays our work, as it often does, we avoid collaborating with someone else as we do not want to become dependent on the slow work processes of others. In the case that it can help us put pressure behind our negotiation, we can imagine interacting with others.
  3. Can I request from my bank that they refund what I have been cheated on – No, a bank may not, according to the rules they must follow, make a refund. Firstly, in this case, they must take money from the recipient’s account and for that a court decision is required, and they may not, and cannot, pay from their own money. Secondly, a bank itself must not judge whether a recipient has done something wrong or criminal. The bank only makes transfers, and nothing else.
  4. How much possibility is it that the Police investigate and a Prosecutor brings charges – The police have limited resources to investigate and investigations into international fraud take a lot of resources, which the Police do not have. In addition, several countries’ police officers have to cooperate, which takes many years to implement. If a prosecutor is to bring charges, he must prove that there was a criminal motive behind it, which is almost impossible. The likelihood of an indictment being brought and getting a conviction is almost non-existent. Even if you get a conviction, it is very likely that all the money is gone – and the purpose is to get money back, and then all this work is completely unnecessary.

I. Can you sue those identified and demand money back – If you are going to sue someone, you need a lawyer to help. He will demand money in advance and a process can cost tens of thousands of Euros before one has come to any judgment. One must also be able to prove completely that there was an intent to deceive, which is legally almost completely impossible.

We have arranged a special e-mail address – – that will be used to correspond with the participants in the class action. There we collect the information we need for our work and from this, information is sent out. We will arrange webinars from our own TV studio and answer as many questions as we can.

Lars Olofsson