Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan about Mark Zuckerberg in Swedish Supremecourt


Stefan Lundberg at the National Fraud Center has many years of experience in combating organized crime and fraud, including as a former chief prosecutor at the Swedish Economic Crime Authority. He has long called for a criminal trial of the platforms’ responsibility in the matter of aiding and abetting fraud.

  • This is a huge problem in Swedish society. And without ad agencies and other digital platforms, fraudsters would find it much more difficult to carry out their crimes. It would be very interesting if their criminal liability in the form of aiding and abetting fraud was now tested in court.

If Mark Zuckerberg were to be sentenced to prison, it would of course be world news in itself. But the verdict itself could also be a breakthrough in the fight against online fraud globally.

The Supreme Court has never before taken up a case of aiding and abetting fraud. Lars Olofsson hopes to get leave to appeal, so that in the future it will be easier to hold digital platforms accountable for the crimes that take place there.”