Episode 4 – Zvezda Laurics side of it all

The beautiful Zvezda tells her story

Juicyfields scam development

Juicy Fields Has Now Entered Its Next Phase As More Fraudsters Emerge ‘Attracted By The Business Opportunity Of Scamming These Victims’

“It could be Juicy Fields 2.0, the same people trying again, but
looking at all the information and all the communication we’ve seen,
they are more or less completely occupied with hiding their tracks. 

“So, I’m not quite sure they have the time and the resources to do
this again. From my point of view, I would say that these are just
copycats, some other people.”

Hello all, Seems many emails get into the spamfolder

Lars has sent out confirmations to almost all! Just few people left. Everyone else have gotten a respons from Lars with confirmation of their payment, many have gotten into the spamfolder however it seems. There has also been those who have missed the contract and googleform emails in their spamfolders. Lars has replied to each and every email he has gotten. Just that they end up in the spam many times.. If you are one who is wondering where his respons from Lars is, check the spam then if not anything there email Lars to request whats missing. If no payment confirmation – Email lars with your payment to priostartup reciept. Please give new payments a few days to be confirmed naturally

Dear all

Lars here. During the weekend me and my team did planning for the upcoming legal actions that will take place in the end of this month, August.
We have now decided that we close for new Clients to join on the 31:st of August. After that date we will not sign up any new Clients for the planned legal actions.
The legal strategy is now fully designed and it is going to be something news magazines will write about all over the world. We have already done the Press Releases to send out to all news desks.
Me and my team have informed our Clients of the strategy and target – and all are very exited about the outcome and benefit. If you want to join, please write to: casejuicyfields@priostartup.com.

Greeting All New Clients!

My given name is Daniel Johansson. I am an Juicyfields victim and the one who started this case with Lars and his team. The money we sent to Juciyfields is gone. This case and community is to go after new funds with a movement that is grounded in our desire to make sure this never happens again. We are tired of bullshit – the system needs to be cleaned up, with this case and underlying community we intend to make a change! This is much bigger than me or you. Welcome to join the fight vs these mighty titans.

These are our community guidelines/rules:

Mutual respect is essential – disrespect or harsh words and tone is not ok!

Greed and speculations about how we distribute the funds later on and how much we might get etc is of no use. We have to wait and see because nobody knows until the settlements are finished.

Opinions can stay in your own head. This is not the brussels debates. If it was, we wouldn’t get anywhere.

Demanding questions drain our focus. We paid the team to work for us not to satisfy all our own doubts. Genuine questions are always welcomed and answered in due time.

Expect the unexpected.

Basically its not always what you say it is also how you say it! We reserve the right to kick and ban anyone who doesn’t follow set rules. Lars will void your contract instantly if the guidelines are not followed. We need a strong unified community to be able to do this case! When going up vs these big law firms with 100s of lawyers they always infiltrate the social medias and groups as they will 100% do with our groups. They will see if we argue within the community and this will be used against us in the talks and settlements. We are strong together! Lets rock! Endless appreciation and love Daniel

My socials, feel free to message me anytime.



Just started to also use Linkedin


For all new clients that wants to join please write your name and adress to this email to join our list: