Lars olofsson, lawyer going after the Juicyfields scam

Here is Lars Olofsson outside the Lawyers for Cannabis expo in Zurich this weekend. Going after potencial partners and targets.

Juicyfields scam podcast episode 6 – Dyveke Koks

This was a lovely episode talking with Dyveke. We had alot incommon.

Dyvekes own story brings up all the important aspects of the cannabis movement and what we are doing here with Lars and our unconventional class action.

Dyveke have so much good information regarding Cannabis and the cannabis community enviroment generally

Dyvekes website:

Deadline of first batch of legal actions today 2022-08-31

Today is the deadline to join our first batch of legal actions, wave one. This unconventional class action will be doing more batches of legal actions and one day we will open up for new clients before the second batch. Feel free to apply to our waitlist here:


Hi all

Today lars have gotten many mails with some statement from Alan glanse that Lars is working with him now, Lars is not working with either a real Alan glanse or a fake Alan Glanse. We would appreciate all the help with shutting this new bs down.

Below is Lars response to one of many emails that is clogging his email today,

“Good morning claimant I understand your concern. I have worked on 30+ of these cases and see a common strategy and trademarks with these scammers. They don’t just take your money, but after that, they try to scam you one more time. NO – this offer is NOT for real. Its a scam on top of a scam, and I have seen it several times before. And think – why should you apply and pay money to get your money back? This is what is called a version of the so called Nigeria Letter, having people to apply for some money, but before you get the money, you have to pay a fee, and once you have done that, they are gone and can not be reached again. You and I are normal people with normal ethics and values, these criminals have s completely different way of looking at others, just viewing them as targets and someone to scam. Its hard to believe, but unfortunately true.

BR / Lars Olofsson”

To the community from Zvezda Lauric

Statement from Lars Olofsson

Me and my team have now 500+ Clients in 53 countries on all continents in the world. We are ready to enter into legal actions very soon and during the last month with intense work and collecting information and communicating with my Clients, I have also had the opportunity to add new members to my team.

I´m happy to announce that Ms. Zvezda Lauric, who worked for Juicy Fields – and was scammed in the end as all other victims of this crime – has joined me and my team. Zvezda will be a great asset for me and I´m looking forward to our co-operation.
Lars Olofsson

To the community from Zvezda Lauric

First of all, I want to give you my most sincere words of accompaniment to the entire community for all these events in the recent weeks, I accompany you with all the pain and frustration that these events entail. I want to let you know that I have also been taking measures in this regard for many weeks in all countries such as Germany, Spain, etc., coordinating actions to support the entire Community and to tell my truth. First of all, I will explain a little about the work I did.

I worked and was hired by juicynetwork, this company worked with JuicyFields and the head of content at that time was Daniel Gauci, I was doing many tasks, such as creating content informing about the (cannabis) work that I absolutely love.

Over time, they give to me the task of taking charge of expos and other events in which JF participated and doing the communication, a task that I carried out with great effort, dedication and affection, with much love for the cannabis industry, with a wonderful team of Marketing and amazing people like editors, filmmakers etc. I was never in charge of accounts, business etc.

Many changes have happened in recent months, such as the change of CEO and others, and from then on, they stopped communicating with me, I had no information about anything and the resignation of each one of those who were once part of the team was completely undone, all this led to this chaos in which we are all living. I am very sorry for all these events, I am with you with all my love, taking the necessary measures, I understand your anger and your frustration, I am the same as you because I am an investor on the platform, my family and my friends too. I will help all the forces that unite so that we all have justice and accompany Lars Olofsson.

Lars I am with you and co-operate with the Legal Actions you Lars are doing. From the depths of my heart and my strength here I am, I am very sorry for what happened. With love I am with all of you, from the depths of my heart and my strength here I am, I am very sorry for what happened.

With love, sincerely / Zvezda Lauric