We just opend up for batch 2 and new clients today.

Hello all

Everyone who invested in Juicyfields with SEPA/Crypto can join our legal actions.

As we closed down our members club to begin our first legal actions in september the long wait for many of you are now over. We are very happy that you want to stand with us in our fight for justice.

Joining batch 2 means you are in for all future legal actions we have prepared – no more fees.

After you have filled in and completed the form(you will find link below) You get a confirmation email from us with the link to the private telegram group for only batch 2 members – there you will have the most updates and information flow as we will be present daily, taking the case forward. Many times clients help us out in things from liking linkedin and other social media posts to research. This is the true power in our community.


Please be mindful that the rest of the website is under construction and needs some work. Our vision is to have a long list of everyone who helped Juicyfields do their scam, online for the world to see, soon.

Wish you the best always,
Daniel Johansson

Lars Olofsson about the “refund” done by the scammers behind Juicyfields

Many investors are being held hostage with their own money and forced to dance to the scammers music and do everything they say in desperation. Why and How can this still be allowed to go on? Why is this not shut down?

Juicyfields fraud and crypto connections published today 2022-12-13

“According to Olofsson, there is another, final reason for encouraging investors in such scams to use cryptocurrency. Investors who use crypto are far less likely to report that they have been a victim of crime to the police. The scammers know this, which is part of their strategy in getting away with the crime. It also makes any investigation by the authorities that much more difficult. This too is part of the risk analysis of the criminals. In short, crimes involving the theft of crypto like this are more or less considered “risk-free” by the perps.””

SVD today regarding fraud in the tech world. Lars Olofsson and the juicyfieldscase is mentioned for the META lawsuit


“Swedish sues Zuck. Is a published advertisement enough to be considered aiding and abetting fraud? That’s the question lawyer Lars Olofsson wants to answer by suing Mark Zuckerberg, Metas CEO, in Luleå District Court. The company Juicy fields used Facebook to attract customers, but turned out to be a scam. Now those who lost their money want redress.”