Hi All, This is Lars

For many years I have from time to time (almost on a weekly basis as I’m a very large networker on LinkedIn and Facebook with 25.000+ connections on LI and 5.000 on FB) being mistaken for my namesake the former Corp CEO of the large French company Carrefour. He was very famous and wellknown all over Europe.

On top of everything we look alike as well and are of the same age.

I’ve meet him a couple of times when I worked for Peugeot in France, and he have the same problem people thinks he is me.

We could also inform all that we already now can tell everyone on what terms we are doing this Collective Claim / Class Action.

We need to charge everyone 100€ for our administration and all expenses we will have during the work. From our previous experience we need to travel a lot having meetings all over Europe and negotiate settlements, often with a Law Firm representing the Bank. We need to take in additional administration staff to handle all paperwork and correspondence and manage our agendas. Then for our service we are charging 20% of what we mange to get in claim/damage from the counterparts. Normally we charge between 30-40% – that is standard practice in the US from where we have taken our working methods – now we charge half of that. 

Lars.Olofsson@juciyfieldscase.com this is the email for sending info. What’s needed is:

1. Name and adress

2. E-mail adress

3. A copy of a money transfer(SEPA) with name and adress of the bank used for the transfer. (YOUR BANKS ADRESS AND NAME)