Hello All From Daniel

Lars is getting tons of emails and we want to help people help make it easier for Lars when they write.
Please also state your name in the subject part when mailing him to make it not as big puzzle work to figure out and organize it all. From what happend with the account its been alot of extra work aswell regarding the organization and we want him to be able to return to the important stuff naturally.
Please dont list like 3-10 questions because he will answer them all with his full attention from his own strong principles. Remember we pay for his service which and valueble time will be wasted on doubts, worries and things you can get answerd in the telegram group or here in our community by the people whom help Lars.
Almost all answers he gets are answerd in pinned messages on Telegram and on our website. Please check there before you write your questions. With all this said questions are always welcomed and anything you feel inspired to share about the case or possible entries/attacks for us to use is much appreciated. Experts in this field and journalists are always appreciated to help the cause.
Wish you all an amazing sunday and lets rock guys!!