Hi all

Today lars have gotten many mails with some statement from Alan glanse that Lars is working with him now, Lars is not working with either a real Alan glanse or a fake Alan Glanse. We would appreciate all the help with shutting this new bs down.

Below is Lars response to one of many emails that is clogging his email today,

”Good morning claimant I understand your concern. I have worked on 30+ of these cases and see a common strategy and trademarks with these scammers. They don’t just take your money, but after that, they try to scam you one more time. NO – this offer is NOT for real. Its a scam on top of a scam, and I have seen it several times before. And think – why should you apply and pay money to get your money back? This is what is called a version of the so called Nigeria Letter, having people to apply for some money, but before you get the money, you have to pay a fee, and once you have done that, they are gone and can not be reached again. You and I are normal people with normal ethics and values, these criminals have s completely different way of looking at others, just viewing them as targets and someone to scam. Its hard to believe, but unfortunately true.

BR / Lars Olofsson”