2. Why Is Juicyfields A Scam


Hello, I am the lawyer who is working with the Juicyfields case and I’m now representing a number of victims in the Juicyfields scam
and I would like to tell you a little bit about why I think this is a scam and it has been a scam from day one.
I’ve been working for the last 15 years with a number of scams all over Europe. Large investment scams.

The frauds they follow a certain pattern when it comes to an end design, when it comes to how they are designed,
how they are organized and how they are executed. And I would like to start with saying that according to my knowledge and my experience,
this has been a scam from day one. It doesn’t make any kind of business sense and let me give you some of my reasons.

There are people saying that if if an investment opportunity, if it’s too good to be true, it isn’t true, and that yes, I could absolutely agree with this,
but I have some other reasons because I’m also running an investment and a business developing company and people are coming to us and pitch their ideas all the time.
We’re looking at hundreds different kind of business concepts every year in my business.

Development and investments business. And if somebody has a business concept that gives you a very good return of investment without any kind of risk or very very low risk,
there isn’t any kind of business sense that that person should share that business opportunity with someone else. If we are looking at the
Juicyfield case. For instance, they could easily have found us those who are designed their business case.
They could easily go to any kind of venture capital company or hedge fund and present and pitch their ideas
and they could easily have something like €100 million of €300 million or even €500 million because these large

Venture capital companies and hedge funds. They had billions and billions so a couple of €100 million.
That’s coffee money for those companies they could easily have pitched their idea, and then they could have all the profits for themselves,
so it doesn’t make any kind of business sense to share that business opportunity. The other reason is that if you have a business opportunity.

You are now growing and farming and producing cannabis and selling it to the pharmaceutical business.
They could easily have done this by themselves and these are very very large companies with a lot of money.
Billions and billions of U.S. dollars or euros and they could have run the business by themselves. There isn’t any kind of business sense that they should pay money.

Follow up for to Juicyfield to be a broker between the farmer and the pharmaceutical companies.
So the whole concept doesn’t make any kind of business sense and in all business it doesn’t.
It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running, There is always a try to try to cut the middle man.

Between the producer and the and the buyer, so there isn’t any space or any opportunity for someone who is a broker or someone who is a middleman.
So those are the reasons why I’m saying that Juciyfield has been a scam from day one,
but it’s also some other things that I could say if if I’m looking at the business concept and how it’s described.
For me that is an operation that has to have at least 250 people, maybe even 300 people if it’s going to be run as it is described on the website,
 and the different kind of presentations. And I’m just asking where are all these 200 and 300 people? Well, they doesn’t exist,
 and that’s one of the reasons why I’m saying that Juciyfield has been a scam since day one