Good afternoon all

I have now come to the point where I`m working on all the practicalities for filing Lawsuits. The outline of how to present the case, the legal arguments, the reference to legal framework and precedents set in different supreme court decissions is done. There is always a matter of red tape and different court procedures to fulfill and one is Power of Attorney from those I represent. I`m now looking into a practical arrangement that could comply with the courts rules of administration. From start I have said that this case will not been successful just by presenting legal arguments. Having as big media exposure as possible and be able to show a great support and commitment form my Clients are equally important. In short – bad media, big public attention and a crowd who is verbal and seen all over the place ads up to an impact that even the largest and most cocky companies can not ignore. I`m now part of at least two large Documentary productions and a lot of investigating journalists are now involved in research and contacting people for comments. This will increase preassure and make them stressed. All media attention as connection to local and national reporters and spreading articles in your network is very useful. We are together going to create a lot of ”Buzz”. When filing the Lawsuits we will send out press releases all over the world and I ask you to be prepared for sharing them as much as you can. This year we will together send a very hard Chistmas Present to some of the first targets on my target list – and make sure that the rest on the target list will be suied soon. Lars