Dear All,

 I’m Lars Olofsson and is the Swedish Lawyer who are organizing a Class Action in the Juicy Fields scam.Me and my team have investigated international scams and helped victims of scams for the last 15 years – and retrieved millions of Euros.I’m a businessman who also runs an Investment and Business Development company called Prio Startup. I work both as a Lawyer and Businessman – and you need to in these cases because you need to know both the legal aspects and the business side to be successful for your client. Getting victims money back is to do business deals with a legal force behind you. I work unconventional and doing so I’m questioned quite often. I get beaten badly sometimes – but I don’t care, and my Clients who gets their money back does’t care what methods I’m using, as long as I don’t break the law – and I don’t.Reporters ask me when they do interviews why individuals who should have known better should be helped.My answer is that these scammers are so clever and experienced so they can scam anybody – and on top of that almost all who have been co-operating with JF have given them the green light, and facilitate. No wonder even the most intelligent person are scammed.I have now collected so much hard facts/evidence that in the first legal actions, in my Class Action everyone can join, that is set in motion in the end of this month will be extreamly difficult to argue against, even if I will have an Army of corporate lawyers against me. I’m used to stand up against the biggest organizations and the establishment all the time – no one else does it, and