Possible kidnapping in the Juicyfields scam

Link to video: https://youtu.be/FN9XSANlu_Y

In the video in which Mr. Kekshin appears, he gives no reason whatsoever
as to why he is making the statements he has made and why he has somehow
changed his mind. There is no logic why Mr Kekshin should not have given
any reason whatsoever as to why he is now making the statements he is

The police in Berlin have for several days interviewed Mr. Kekshin in
detail and also verified what Mr. Kekshin had told him and passed on a
large amount of evidence that could only come from Mr. Kekshin himself.
The Special Witness Protection Unit has also interrogated Mr. Kekshin
where it has been clear that it was extremely important that Mr. Kekshin
told the truth. Then the prosecutor, has also gone through all the
material and made a careful and significant decision to offer Mr.
Kekshin witness protection, which I have understood is only offered if
the authority really feels that there is both truth in what has been
said and that Mr. Kekshin has told everything. It is almost completely
impossible for Mr. Kekshin to deceive the authorities.

Mr. Kekshin hides his face in the video. If this video was intended for
the police and his Attorney, there was no reason to hide his face.
Against this background, it is not logical to hide one’s face. The only
reason left is that Mr. Kekshin had been subjected to violence and that
his face could not be shown because of this violence.

Mr. Kekshin reads from a manuscript. Mr. Kekshin has participated in
several interviews in the German media and has been both used to being
in front of a camera and has in all other contexts been able to express
himself completely fluently. That he now needed a manuscript to convey
what he says is completely out of his ordinary nature.

Mr. Kekshin has deleted his account on Telegram and his mobile phone is
completely switched off since he broadcast the video on Monday evening
on the 11:th of December. This indicates that he is not in control of
the ability to contact anyone and that it may be a way to avoid that his
mobile phone can be tracked when it is turned on.

In the video it has made several sounds that hide names that are
mentioned. The most likely explanation is that they have made a video
recording and then not redo it when it went wrong but had to edit the
video afterwards. The logical explanation for this is that it has not

Link to our response – https://youtu.be/E_KU3XpPhiw

My name is Lars Olofsson and I am a Attorney from Sweden. At the moment,
I represent a total of about 3,500 clients from almost 100 countries who
are victims of investment scams.

1,500 of my clients are victims of the Juicy Fields Scam and in this
case, I am working closely with the police in Germany who are
investigating this crime.

It is common for me to be contacted by informants who give both me and
the police information from the inside of the criminal organizations
that are often behind the scams. One such person is Mr. Igor Kekshin who
worked for the masterminds behind Juicy Fields. I have been in contact
with Mr. Kekshin since October last year – 2022.

Mr. Kekshin has given me a lot of information that I have also been able
to verify from other sources and Mr. Kekshin has had several contacts
with the police investigators who have also received valuable
information from him.

I am also Mr Kekshin’s Attorney and shall look after his legal
interests. A little over a week ago, on December 11th, both I and the
police in Germany, he had been in contact with, received a video of Mr.
Kekshin making a statement. It is both my and the police’s assessment
that Mr. Kekshin was forced to make this video, and I have completely
lost contact with Mr. Kekshin and have not been able to get any contact
with the Russian authorities that Mr. Kekshin is under.

I am very concerned for Mr. Kekshin’s safety and situation and in a
desperate attempt to now be able to get in touch with my client, I am
making this official statement.

If anyone who sees the video I produced, or this message, and has any
possibility of putting me in touch with Mr. Kekshin, both I and the
police in Germany would be very grateful.

Lars Olofsson, Esq
Legal Representative ./. Mr. Igor Kekshin