Lars olofsson strategy has spread globally. Time to touch the ”untouchables”

US Supreme Court Conflicted About Liability of Social Media Firms for Content The US Supreme Court is currently pondering how liable social media firms are for damaging content posted via their networks. What impact does this have on the Juicy Fields case?   On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court appeared less than sympathetic to an avidly watched case in the social media world. Namely whether Google should assume liability for content posted via its networks. In the case, the family of a 23 year old man who was shot by Islamic gunmen in Paris is arguing that Google and Youtube…

The juicyfields fraud exposé Cannabis cowboys episode 8 released 2023-02-23

In todays episode we hear the investigation coming to a few dead ends up until Lars Olofsson enters with our investigative work since July 2022, finally the Juicyfields story is clearing up, the truth will be known to the world so that justice can take its shape one way or the other. Enjoy this episode and await your minds to be blown next week when the introduktion is over. Thank you all for listening

Juicyfields scam keeps going investors held hostage by their own money

The scammers behind the Juicyfields have manipulated victims that the concept works and that they can help make all the other victims whole. These investors then go out to the groups and share that they got their money back so that more victims fall for the trap. These victims are now tools for the scammers and even if they mean well they are now responsible, hiding their faces and names wont help as people talk.

Swedish ”Kalla fakta” investigated fraud using facebook ads on tv4 today 2023-02-08

After following over 200 scam ads on facebook they saw that even if a scam is removed the same user can just upload it again without any problems. I cant speak for anyone else but my facebook is full of scam ads when i scroll down the flow. Our juicyfields lawsuits now comes in to force social medias like facebook to take their degree responsability.

an updated overview of Lars olofssons juicyfields case and investigation made in this thorough article

A german article came out today giving a up to date brief of our Juicyfields case. Highly recomend this 5minute read. We have come far now with an expected court date around april/may for our first legal actions. The juicyfields scam turned out to be a scam within a much larger scam. Yes the 125k investors and the estimated 2 billions are the smal part. You can use for translation: Article

Press release in the juicyfields case by lars olofsson 2023-02-06

Information about the Police Investigation and Prosecutorial Decision in Juicy Fields Case     In Sweden, the public prosecutor has the right and priority to prosecute. It is also a prosecutor who decides whether to open an official police investigation. The division of labour between the police and the prosecutor is that the police investigate, and the prosecutor instructs about what should be investigated and when the prosecutor is satisfied with the result of the investigation, he decides whether to bring charges or close the investigation. About 20 years ago, the legislature opened the possibility of allowing prosecutors to delegate…