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The Juicyfields Scam

“All the Hallmarks of the Russian Mafia”

More specifically, Mr Olofsson says that from his point of view, this
is ‘100%’ the work of the Russian mafia and bears its hallmarks down to
a T. 

Firstly, a common theme among Russian mafia scams is understood to be
a sudden disappearance of the company, including websites, telephone
lines, email addresses and social media accounts, all of which are well
documented in Juicy Field’s fallout. 

Crucially, however, they ‘leave behind people who are still
communicating on different social media platforms’, informing investors
that there have been temporary issues or technical difficulties and that
their money will soon be returned. 

“They try to make people think that yes, I haven’t been scammed,
there are still some people who are answering things and they are saying
some assuring things. That’s one of the sophistications of the scam.” 

Alongside various correspondence to investors via social media over the past few weeks, which BusinessCann detailed here, Juicy Fields has been contacting investors over the past few days in an attempt to further muddy the waters. 

It claims that speculation Juicy Fields is a Ponzi scheme ‘could not
be further from the truth’, and the fallout has been the work of a rogue
actor, Friederich Graf von Luxburg. “


Juicy Fields Fraud Controversy

“At the time of publication, Cannabis Wealth is awaiting comment from a number of banks.
Sweeden-based lawyer, Lars Olofsson, CEO of PrioStartup, claims his company will be taking on the investors’ case for an out-of-court settlement against the banks. Olofsson says the company is not part of the Swedish Bar Association, but that this allows the company to take settlements rather than charging each client individually by the hour.
Olofsson told Cannabis Wealth: “We have been working around the clock to come in contact with as many people investors as possible. I have identified around 30,000 investors and it could be more. It’s told to me that in Germany there are 11,000, in Portugal it’s about 5000 people, almost as many in Spain, and then there are a number of investors in the UK. I have had telephone calls from Wales, from England, from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, as well as France and all the other major countries in Europe.
“If we don’t succeed in this case, we’re not going to be paid, and that’s one very important factor. We are telling all our clients that we are in the same situation as them.
“I’m going to go mainly for the banks. My strategy is to go to those who actually facilitated this. One facilitator is definitely the banks. I would say that on average, every investor has made six or seven transactions. It’s not just one transaction. Many of them have had some kind of automatic withdrawal from their account each and every month.
“Quite a lot of the investors have done the transferring or payment by cryptocurrency. It’s my feeling so far, that about half of the investors used cryptocurrency and half of them used normal fiat money.”
Olofsson told Cannabis Wealth that those who invested using a cryptocurrency will fall under a second tier of claim due to the complicated nature of using these currencies.”