Hi AllPlease read this: As an example of our unconventional methods we now used ourselves and how the bank transfer system should work. I informed our bank about the assignment we now have for investors in JF. I informed about all the transactions of payments from our Clients, and I updated our ”profile” in our bank account. This should have been enough for the safety system to let all payments through.Today my bank informed me that they have temporary closed the account for 2-3 days for an investigation into a ”suspicious activity”.We are using ourselves as an example of how the transfer system works just to prove to you our point when we said that your banks let you down, and should’t allow your transactions.As I said, we have made our point in not just that we work unconventional, and to the death comitted to our clients, and by example show how it should have worked.In the middle of next week our bank account is open again and your client payments will pass and come to us.Lars