Press release – case META by Lars Olofsson in the Juicyfields scam

”Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being sued before Luleå District Court in

Press release, 29 November 2022

META Platform Inc., i.e. Facebook and Instagram, has grossly negligently failed to control who
used their platforms. Since it is a crime that carries a penalty of at least two and a maximum six
years prison, its operational manager, Mark Zuckerberg, is sued at Luleå District Court, Sweden.

The company Juicy Fields was presented to the public on April 1, 2020. The concept was based
on the possibility of being able to invest in medical cannabis. A profit of 66% was promised,
almost risk-free, within about 3 months.
In mid-July this year, Juicy Fields platform was shut down and none of the investors were able
to access their account – or their money. Approximately 125,000 investors all over the world
had by then lost just over EUR 2 billion.

The police around the world have announced that they cannot do anything. The Swedish
Lawyer Lars J. Olofsson has therefore decided to take legal measures against those who made it
possible for the fraud to take place – and to such a large extent.

Olofsson is bringing a Private Criminal Prosecution (Swedish Trial Code Chapter 47) against
Facebook and Instagram, which have been two of the platforms where the criminals operated.
Olofsson is representing about 800 victims from 50+ countries.
Facebook and Instagram have grossly negligently, failed to control who they allowed to use
the platforms, and in direct violation of Meta’s own terms of service. Since it is a crime, which
gives a minimum of two and a maximum of six years prison, it is not the company Meta that the
Prosecution is directed against, but its operational manager – Mark Zuckerberg. (See Swedish
Penal Code Chapter 9, §1 and §3 on fraud and aggravated fraud. See also Swedish Penal Code
Chapter 23. §4 on Aiding and Abetting aggravated fraud).

The charges are brought at Luleå District Court in Sweden because the Meta Group has its
world center for computer servers in the area, which is where the jurisdiction of the crime is
located. This is where the crime has been committed because it is from these servers that the
clients have been exposed to Juicy Fields scam.

Meta is far from the only company I will take the same action against, says Olofsson. I have a
list of more than 40 companies that have allowed Juicy Fields to market themselves.

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