Lars Olofsson Presentation

I would like to present myself.I´m 65 years old and have worked as a Lawyer and a Businessman for 30+ years. I´m running an Investment and Business Development company called Prio Startup. We invest and help startup companies and have about 10 companies in our portfolio at the moment.The combination of working as a Lawyer and Investor/Businessman gives me a unique knowledge and experience in cases like Juicy Fields as you need to know not just the legal side of things, but also the business side, especially conditions and how to start a new business. In my investment business we have been investing and supporting Hemp and Cannabis farming, harvesting and production for almost 10 years, and know the industry inside out. We have our own production of CBD-oil for example.When I looked at JF for the fist time I could tell that is was a scam from day one, not just because it follows a number of arrangements in other scams we have been working on, but also that the Cannabis industry just doesn´work that way. Nothing made any sence, and there was absolutely no business logic to