Hello All From Daniel

Lars is getting tons of emails and we want to help people help make it easier for Lars when they write. Please also state your name in the subject part when mailing him to make it not as big puzzle work to figure out and organize it all. From what happend with the account its been alot of extra work aswell regarding the organization and we want him to be able to return to the important stuff naturally. Please dont list like 3-10 questions because he will answer them all with his full attention from his own strong principles. Remember we pay for his service which and valueble time will be wasted on doubts, worries and things you can get answerd in the telegram group or here in our community by the people whom help Lars. Almost all answers he gets are answerd in pinned messages on Telegram and on our website. Please check there before you write your questions. With all this said questions are always welcomed and anything you feel inspired to share about the case or possible entries/attacks for us to use is much appreciated. Experts in this field and journalists are always appreciated to help the cause. Wish you all an amazing sunday and lets rock guys!!

Hi all

When I told the journalists about what happen to my bank account (the
bank blocked all incoming payments although I annonced all new clients
payments from all over Europe) they said; this was a proof of my point
and an example I can use i my settlements with the banks who have let
all of you down.
If any of you hasn’t signed up yet, please send me an e-mail on:
Lars.Olofsson@juicyfieldscase.com with name, adress and a copy of your
payment to Juicy Fields and I return our Agreement and you join the
Collective Claim Group.


Hi All
Please read this: As an example of our unconventional methods we now used ourselves and how the bank transfer system should work. I informed our bank about the assignment we now have for investors in JF. I informed about all the transactions of payments from our Clients, and I updated our ”profile” in our bank account. This should have been enough for the safety system to let all payments through.
Today my bank informed me that they have temporary closed the account for 2-3 days for an investigation into a ”suspicious activity”.
We are using ourselves as an example of how the transfer system works just to prove to you our point when we said that your banks let you down, and should’t allow your transactions.
As I said, we have made our point in not just that we work unconventional, and to the death comitted to our clients, and by example show how it should have worked.
In the middle of next week our bank account is open again and your client payments will pass and come to us.


you take on these large criminal cases you got beaten badly.
A number of individuals, companies and authorities wants to shut you
This happend and an authority filed a bankrupcy against my company. All
is taken care of, and on Tuseday next week the court will dismiss the
I fight for people who are victims of crimes, and I live for the support
all those who I help are giving me – and a lot of you have contacted me
and give me their best wiches. This is why I fight, and spend 14 hours a
day during summer.
I hope all understand the difficulty standing up against very bad people
– and support me.


Lars here. I tought I should give you a short update.
I need as many of you to sign up and e-mail me on: lars.olofsson@juicyfieldscase.com  – because then I get a picture of how the cash flow have worked and why the safety algoritms has’t stoped most of the transfers. I have now a suspicion that there has been a corruption in the bank transfer system.
We are now on a quest of not just get investments back – but to shake the whole banking industry.
I hope you join me and write to me and sign up.
P.s don’t forget we have a strategy to include all Crypto payments as well.


Hi all


I want to thank you all who has written to me and accepted our Offer.
We have now almost 300 who have signed up and we represent.
We are going to work relentless for you who now are our clients and see to that you are compensated.
I start working on Friday (the 29:th) and I can not represent any who hasn’t signed up and compensate them.
As soon as I start negotiations, and conclude settlements only those who has signed up can be compensated.
Please write to me name and adress on: Lars.Olofsson@juciyfieldscase.com to join the Claimant group and for us to represent you.



We have now come up with a strategy to include all who have paid with Crypto.
All of you Crypto payers, please send me an e-mail on: casejuicyfields@priostartup.com and write your name and adress and describe how you invested.
Then I send back our Agreement for you to review.
BR / Lars
If you know any who should join, please inform them.

Hi All, This is Lars

For many years I have from time to time (almost on a weekly basis as I’m a very large networker on LinkedIn and Facebook with 25.000+ connections on LI and 5.000 on FB) being mistaken for my namesake the former Corp CEO of the large French company Carrefour. He was very famous and wellknown all over Europe.

On top of everything we look alike as well and are of the same age.

I’ve meet him a couple of times when I worked for Peugeot in France, and he have the same problem people thinks he is me.

We could also inform all that we already now can tell everyone on what terms we are doing this Collective Claim / Class Action.

We need to charge everyone 100€ for our administration and all expenses we will have during the work. From our previous experience we need to travel a lot having meetings all over Europe and negotiate settlements, often with a Law Firm representing the Bank. We need to take in additional administration staff to handle all paperwork and correspondence and manage our agendas. Then for our service we are charging 20% of what we mange to get in claim/damage from the counterparts. Normally we charge between 30-40% – that is standard practice in the US from where we have taken our working methods – now we charge half of that. 

Lars.Olofsson@juciyfieldscase.com this is the email for sending info. What’s needed is:

1. Name and adress

2. E-mail adress

3. A copy of a money transfer(SEPA) with name and adress of the bank used for the transfer. (YOUR BANKS ADRESS AND NAME)