A Web of Connections: Juicy Fields and The German Cannabis Industry

As a follow on to our last article about the connections and relationships between prominent people and firms in the German and European cannabis industry to Juicy Fields, we have now made an initial map of an interesting interconnection of people who all, at least, knew each other, if not work together. And many of these people in fact worked directly for Juicy Fields, if not benefitted in some way from the continuation of the scam, even if they never received any money directly.

These are the people and firms we have named as ”facilitators.”

Some names are new – others are not. But there is more coming.

It is indeed a tangled web of deception. It also proves, given the level of education and experience all involved had in the cannabis industry, if not crowd-financing regs and other related legal and business issues beyond this, that there was no way that this scam should have continued as long as it did, uncontested. At minimum.

As we have said before, we also have proof and witnesses who have come forward naming names.

I will be meeting in the next weeks with the Stockholm prosecutor to present this and other evidence we have if not other legal authorities across Europe.